Thursday, July 26, 2012

Birthday Blast ♥

i am updating my blog now. :))

Life in KL was like...
sleep, eat, online, sleep, eat, online and study.
still the same routine going on every semester. -_____- 
no doubt,
busy celebrating birthday as well.
now is my turn! x))
imma a JULY BABY! 
same goes to my senior aka my house mate aka the person that i like to annoy her the most ! HAHA

went to Movida to celebrate her birthday! :)
which was an advance birthday celebration.

with Le house mates and Jas's sister. 
her birthday falls on 17th July while mine was on 22nd July.
went for awhile as we have test the next day. >.<

After test,
my house mates decided to went to Midvalley to celebrate Jas's birthday again
as it is on the exact birthday day.
then we went to Zouk Cafe.
i was freaking tired after the exam
then i my soul was not actually with me i think.
ZhenXian told me AhChew bought one more cake for Jas
as she was late on that day we went Movida.
because they really have a good rapport between them!
after had our dinner there,
here came the cake and we sang birthday song
and then the cake was push to my side 
and i was like......
WAOHHHHHHHH. for real? O.O
i did realized there were two candles there but i didn't think much because i was tired xD

with Le house mates once again  
the Small Ong versus Big Ong.

the next day,
went out celebrate with my course mates.
at Fusion Heaven.
i felt pity for those who serve us because we are way to noisyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ! x)
celebrated with one of my course mate as well 
as her birthday is on 17th also! 

July Babies  
with the big gang !

they did gave a me superb good "surprise" that day
made my face so freaking full of cream.
got a small cake from Kopi as she predicted this will going to happen! HAHA
click VIDEO to watch the awesome videoooo.
thanks friends! 
went back happily on last Friday,
so anticipating to celebrate my birthday with my family and my besties. ♥.♥ 
celebrated with my beloved sister, brother and Baby Joni on Friday
because Sis went to Port Dickson with her friends during my birthday! 
she brought me for Japanese cuisine 

my kakak's favourite !
my favourite !
combination of Unagi and Tamago !
Kimchi rice.

Garlic rice.

some dishes were not taken as we were all busy eating.
my sis said my Iphone will be my present for 5years birthday 
which means she no need to give me present for 5 years as she bought the
Iphone for me last 2years.
this year presents is reduce to 3years instead of 5years. x)
so i can get her present on 2014. AHAH!
and my brother bought me a Loreal Hair Cream!
thanks my Kakak and Brother ! 

night time celebrated with my besties on Friday night
because one of them are going to Vietname on the next day.
then saturday went for Steamboat another round with my friends.

heart them the most !!
the present !
my favourite Adidas Jersey hidden beneath all the chocs.   
the last minute preparation from the LadyBoss of the shop.
thanks ya BoonInn JieJie :)

tasks to be do before opening the present -_-
pattern liao liao xD
i don't even have choice to choose ! 
scrolling scrolling.


get this from my darling before
the clock struck 12am!
so sweet of youuuuuuuuuuuuu! 

celebrated with my family for sure before heading back to KL.
went to Landmark Hotel for lunch.
daddy knew i love eating there 

i think the dishes are more than enough.
there also prepared 4plates of dimsum for us.
so full and satisfied !
thanks daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
i promise to be a good girl. Maybe. xD

Thanks for all the wishes from Facebookers, whatsapp, Line, messages and Cubie i received.
To be frank,
i really really like those that text me by messages!
Like this more sincere leh don't you think so?
and calls from my friends! *you know who you are*
and also blog post for me 
Love those present received !
Those specific people hope you guys know who you are ya ! x)

so thoughtful of you guys
really really appreciate it muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥ 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Love having them in my Life ❤

Semester break ! 
The holidays i love the most.
no more waking up early by the alarm
no more exams
and no more worry when hanging out with friends. ahha

Life in KL was like..
sleep, eat, online, study, sleep, eat, online, and study.
but this semester quite different because we were all busy celebrating birthdays for each month.

we were all busy outing when we don't have quizzes or test. xD
we never missed the chance to go out if we didn't have test and quizzes.
like very desperate wanna go out xD *kidding Kidding*

true to be say that,
this is the outing that i get to know them well much more and not that strange like we used to be like last time.
okay lah, pictures tell everything and i forget what happen on those day also xD
so enjoy scrolling :D

Bbq ! :)
i still remembered we still went to the nearest mamak for second run and end up staying at mamak till 5something in the morning.

with the bunch of monkeys <3
the instax !

the single guys and single ladies.
i am not sure whether they are all singles or not lah.
cos they dont wan to admit it xD
celebrated his birthday on February.

with monkeys again 
after that, Angel's birthday!
my best coursemate ever ! 

the march babies.
Jiahui and Caven.
with the gang again. :)
Sushi Zanmai with the gangs after test :)
this is what people will do with webcam when they are free huh?
one snap is never enough. xD

rockers ! xD
the great night !
with my 38nana !
teehee ! :D
most kua zhang night =.=
watched pranked call video and chat till 6something in the morning.
hope all of us will stay that good forever. 
glad to have you guys in my life. :) 

besides loitering, 
we are still good students :)
rushing our assignment.
Unilife assignment :)
Research Assignment.
the toughest assignment ever !
but we still make it ! YAY !
didn't forget them as well ! 
the HOW gang ! 
went out with them last night.

by the way,
im going to redang with my coursemates soon !